No show/


  • In order to allow others to enroll in full classes, we ask that students cancel at least 4 hours in advance. Cancelling less than 4 hours in advance qualifies as a no-show.

  • If students are registered for classes and do not show, that qualifies as a no-show. If students have a class package with us, one of your classes will be used. If students are an unlimited member, they will be charged a no-show fee of $7.


  • The Aerial Gym has a 5 minute late policy. The door is locked 5 minutes into class and will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the next class. We will not be allowing students to attend class more than 5 minutes late. This is to ensure student safety; the exercise done at The Aerial Gym cannot be done without a proper warm up.


  • Students are required to use safety mats unless permission is given.

  • Students must disclose any injuries, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and ailments to instructors prior to the start of class.

  • Students are not permitted to teach other students.

  • In order to attend Open Studio, Open Silks/Lyra, or Open Pole, students must have attended other classes at The Aerial Gym.

  • Partner spotting is required in inverted positions.

  • The Aerial Gym has a zero tolerance policy for disrespect of others, and this can be considered grounds of dismissal from the premises.

  • Students are expected to wear the appropriate attire or bring necessary equipment (i.e. knee pads). Failure to bring necessary attire/equipment may result in dismissal from the class, for safety reasons.

  • Students may not post videos/photos on social media without permission of those in the videos/photos. Please respect the privacy of others.

  • No jewelry allowed in any class.

  • Recording of instruction is strictly forbidden.