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Wondering what pole class you should take and how to determine your Pole or Silks Level? Determining the right level is important because our goal is to keep you safe, keep you uninjured, and keep you having fun! Remember, everyone's journey is different and people progress at different rates. 



Beginner/Brand New to Pole

Beginner Pole Students are brand new to pole! Students at this level learn pole safety, basic spins, pole grips, and pole moves. Moves are taught mostly on static pole and students will learn a few beginner spin pole moves. 

Pole Level 1

 This is where students will begin to learn inversions from standing.  Students at this level are working on one-handed spins, split grip spins, and laybacks.  Students will learn more advanced-two handed spins that build the strength required for doing them one-handed later. 


Students must pass their pole basics test before moving on to intermediate.

Pole Level 2

Students at this level have the ability to safely invert from the ground, climb the pole, and execute many one-handed spins. At this level, students will begin learning to maintain inversions and stay inverted for 1 to 2 moves, then safely descend. Other types of inversions will also be introduced.  

Pole Level 3

Level 3 is when students develop the strength required for more advanced moves: aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, and iguana mounts. Students should be able to invert on spin pole at this level.  


Students must pass their intermediate pole test before moving on to advanced.

Pole Level 4

This is the appropriate level for the most advanced student. Students may perform any tricks and any inversions. At this level students learn to safely execute pole moves/tricks with 1-2 points of contact while inverted (ex. ayesha, handspring, or cocoon). Level 4 uses both spinning and static poles. 



In beginner aerial silks students will learn to climb, tie knots in the fabric, and do a some basic moves in the silks. Before being able to move on, students will develop stamina to be able to stay in the air and put moves together in a combination. 



Students must pass their beginner silks test before moving on to intermediate.

Once students have passed their beginner silks test, they are ready for intermediate silks! In this class students will work on more climbs, aerial inverts, and stamina. At this point students are ready to start safely executing drops in the silks