What do I even wear to a pole class?

That's a good question! For pole, you're going to want some skin grip. The best thing you could wear would be a tank top and some short shorts. We know this can be a little intimidating, but don't worry! Everyone else will be wearing similar attire. You also want to make sure you haven't put lotion any where on your body the day you take your pole class. Lastly, we don't allow you to be wearing any hand jewelry while on any apparatus; it causes quite a bit of damage to them. 

OK, so what do I wear to silks/


chair class?

So, you'll want to wear pretty much the opposite of what you would wear to a pole class. You are going to want something between you and these apparatuses, so plan on wearing pants. For silks and hammock, you want those pants to be made out of cotton, so that you can get some grip on the fabric. 

Can I wear heels for pole class?

Yes! But keep some things in mind: your heels can't be made out of something that will damage our equipment, and you probably want some straps on those heels. We want to avoid your heels flinging into another person and we're sure you feel the same way!

These classes are super, super easy, right?

Not necessarily. When you sign up for a class, you are signing up for a workout! You are going to sweat, stretch, and get your fitness on. You might be tired and sore the next day because chances are, you don't do these same movements in everyday life!

How long can I expect to be in beginner class before I can move on? 

While this is everyone's least favorite answer, it is still true: it depends on the person. Your individual fitness level and how often you come to class are going to be the biggest factors in determining the timeline of this. It could be two weeks, or it could be five months or more! However, we will not move anyone up in difficulty if they aren't ready to advance. 

Are these classes safe?

Definitely! Safety is our biggest concern. When you come to class you can expect to have instruction from a knowledgeable instructor whose primary concern is that you are not going to get hurt, and their secondary concern is whether you are enjoying yourself.