Class Descriptions

First time? Check out our "Beginner's Guide to Pole & Aerial" for what to expect, what to wear, and how to prepare for your first class. 


Russian Exotic

Russian Exotic Pole is a style of pole dance that focuses on strength, flexibility, controlled movements, low flow, floorwork and effortlessly finding creative ways around the pole utilizing the box of platform heels. This class is intermediate/advanced due to the technical difficulty of exotic dance. This includes but is not limited to handstands, leg threads, traces, power spin, split tricks, split grip, dead lifts and accented tempo changes in choreography. The first 30 minutes of class will be a full body warmup and flexibility conditioning. Knee pads and heels are required

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

What you'll need: water bottle, knee pads, heels with a strap


Low Flow

Low Flow is an all ground pole flow and movement based class. This class will aid you in developing your floor work, sensual movement as well as help you develop a deeper connection to music and your body. It will help you discover the importance of breathing and the mind/body connection to music. You will also begin to develop a greater understanding of music connections both physically and emotionally.

Level: All

What you'll need: water bottle, leggings/leg warmers, knee pads, layers or loose clothing is recommended as well

Open Studio

This is an open time for those wanting additional practice. It is not a class, so while an instructor will be present to ensure the safety of those attending, there will not be formal instruction. You must currently be taking classes with us to attend open studio

Level: All


Mommy and me aerials

In Mommy and Me Aerials we will be doing partner stretching with you and your kiddo, and circus style moves in the hammock both solo and as a pair! Variations will be offered so people with different skill levels can come learn. Please wear leggings or pants that go past the knee, and you and your kiddo can have some quality playtime!

Level: All

What you’ll need: a kiddo, leggings, water bottle(s)


silks 101: for starters

This class is designed to teach students new to aerial silks how to tie hammock knots, basic arm and foot wraps, and learn various styles of climbing. 

Level: Beginner

What you'll need: water bottle, leggings, t-shirt


Silks 201: The Middlest silks class

Once the beginner silks moves have been mastered, students can move on to intermediate silks! This is where more advanced drops and poses are taught in both the tails and the hammock knot. You must pass your basics test before moving on to intermediate!

Level:  Intermediate

What you'll need: water bottle, leggings


Lyra 201: Harder, better, faster, stronger


Level: Intermediate

What you'll need: water bottle, leggings


 aerial hammock


Level: Intermediate

What you’ll need: water bottle, leggings




Pole 101 - The basics


New to pole? Start here! Workout and build confidence while learning beginning pole moves.  This is for the most basic pole dancer. We will learn beginner spins, floorwork, and poses.

Level: Beginner

What you'll need: water bottle, shorts, tank top. Don't wear lotion the same day you come to pole!


Pole 201 - The inbetweener


When one is not quite beginner and not quite intermediate, we call you novice! This is for those who have conquered those beginner moves but are not quite inverting. You must pass your basics test before moving on to novice!

Level: Novice

What you'll need: water bottle, shorts, tank top


Pole 301 - going airborne


We invite those who have completed their novice test to come join in this class! Inverting without momentum is a must for this class, as we will be taking moves aerially! You must pass your novice test before moving on to intermediate!

Level: Intermediate+


Sexy basics

This class is anything but basic. It helps you discover and develop the more sultry side of pole dancing. Explore sensual movement on and off of the pole, seductive floorwork, and body isolations. Everything from hair whips to heel clacks, this class brings sexy back.


Level: Pole 201+

What you'll need: water bottle, heels, knee pads, leg warmers/leggings are highly recommended for this class


Booty Buster


Level: All

What you'll need: water bottle, wear whatever!


Lyra 101: An Intro

Fall in love with yet another aerial apparatus! Designed for beginner students, this class is for learning safety on the apparatus, developing the strength and flexibility required for aerial arts, various moves and poses, and the basics of aerial choreography.


Level: Beginner

What you'll need: water bottle, leggings

core fusion

Level: All

What you’ll need: water bottle, athletic clothing

Pole inversions and conditioning

Level: 201+

What you’ll need: water bottle, shorts

boot camp

This boot camp will keep you focused on maintaining or improving your body and your health. You will feel better, lose fat, gain energy and transform your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine.
We do things in intervals to keep your heart rate going and maximize the fat burning. It is a challenging and dynamic workout with unique exercises to shock your body.

Level: All

What you’ll need: water bottle, supportive shoes (no heels here), yoga mat, and a smile


Bend but don’t break

Level: All

What you’ll need: water bottle, athletic clothes


Level: All

What you’ll need: water bottle, athletic clothes, knee pads, socks



Workshops and Clinics


Workshops are special classes held usually for people at any level. They are special classes that give beginners an introduction to what we do, or are themed around holidays or events.


Clinics are special classes held on “topics” we might not usually cover in our regular classes. These are for people who are coming to class and have some experience. The experience level will vary depending on the topic of the clinic.

Series Based Classes:

What does it mean for a class to be a series? It means that for these classes, we will learn a dance over a period of usually a month. Once the series starts, you will not be able to sign up, and if you miss the first class you will be removed from the series and you will have to wait for the next one to start!


Our Twerkout class is a series-based class for those interested in twerk choreography! This class typically starts the first Monday of the month and will go every Monday throughout the month. We will learn choreography to one song throughout the month, so you will not want to miss a class.

Level: All

What you'll need: knee pads, booty shorts, leg warmers, water bottle



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